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A Successful Guidebook of Twisting Single and Multiple Somersaults

An eBook by Jeff T. Hennessy

Timeless.  That is the word that best describes Jeff T. Hennessy’s twisting somersault techniques.  Throughout Hennessy’s successful thirty-five year coaching career, the skills and techniques outlined in his new Successful Guidebook catapulted many of his athletes to world championship level performers year after year.

Today you can discover all of Hennessy’s successful twisting somersault secrets and coaching theories outlined in detail in his revised ebook titled “A Successful Guidebook of Twisting Single and Multiple Somersaults.”

The innovative twisting somersault techniques described in A Successful Guidebook have been applied by trampolinists, springboard divers, tumblers, and aerial sports athletes to great effect ever since Hennessy began his coaching career in the early 1950’s.

A Successful Guidebook includes lots of helpful visual aid diagrams – 28 realistic sequential illustrations – that simplify complex twisting and somersault action. Plus you will learn a wide-ranging variety of teaching techniques Hennessy developed over the years to transform beginners into world class athletes.

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